Rebuild America Auto Program Cares

Our promise:

Rebuild America Auto program has made a commitment to our customers to provide the best possible service, we have also made a commitment that incorporates social responsibility throughout all aspects of our business. Making a positive impact around us is apart of our everyday culture. For example, we serve in the Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce and actively looking for new ways to help out in the community. Our goal is to not only serve our customers but the communities around us.

Rebuild America Auto Program

“When I came in to browse the inventory of the Dealership they sent me to a guy named Adam in the Rebuild America Auto Program, he got me situated and told me what they could offer with my price range. After all was said and done, Jason, set me up with financing for a pretty good deal in my opinion for someone with no Credit as a first time buyer. It took a little longer than expected but it did get me a great car and saved me from going to a buy here pay here dealer for a used car.”

Tampa, Fl

Rebuild America Auto Program

“I have been to numerous dealerships to purchase a car. They all turned me down and I was about to lose hope, Then I saw the Rebuild America Auto Program commercial! I figured why not give it one more try. I am glad I did! I recently joined the military (army) and have bad credit. Rebuild America Auto Program knew exactly what to do! They even have special banks for military personnel like me. I cant praise them enough! I left in a brand new car! If you have bad credit, trust no one else but the Rebuild America Auto Program.”

Jason M.
Atlanta, GA

“Mike, Just when we thought we had to go to a Buy Here Pay Here dealer, we saw Rebuild America Auto Program on the TV. We called the phone number and did what it directed us to do. By the time I hit submit my phone rang and it was you. Wow that is service! After talking to you and telling you my story you made me feel like a human being again. I trusted your expertise and in three hours I was driving home in our new car!!! Mike, I can’t thank you and your team enough for what you did for my family and I. You’re the best!”

Shelly Franklin
Wesley Chapel, FL

“Rebuild America Auto Team:

As a first time buyer without credit and freshly graduated from school, the sales reps were so friendly and knowledgeable. The team was phenomenal in getting me the best deal possible for my situation. My family and I were treated with respect and kindness.

I got a brand new Nissan Versa hatch back with special edition features, which is a beautiful and convenient car to start off my new career. The staff provided me with all the info I needed about the car. They gave me a good price and good deal overall!! They stayed in touch throughout the whole process and were very reachable whenever my father or I had any questions.

The experience was so smooth that I recommended my brother who will be buying a car from the Rebuild America Auto Program in the near future! In fact I will recommend this dealership highly to everyone I know!
Melvin and Richard are a great combination. In fact, every employee at this dealership provides the customer with wonderful service!”

Thank you!!

Tampa, FL

“Rebuild America Auto Program is the best!!

I was very happy with this program. I first tried to get an approval through Roadloans but was turned down :(Then I decided I would try the Rebuild America Auto Program. I completed my finance application online. I was contacted for more information by two very nice representatives Mike and Melvin. I was called the day before my appointment to confirm. When we got to the RAAP dealer we were greeted by everyone! So much attention, I felt very special. While we were waiting, we were treated to fresh popped popcorn (very nice touch), the kind like when you were a kid at the movies or circus…Nice!

Of course, I was given top dollar for my old vehicle & rode off with a beautiful vehicle that I love! Thanks to all @ R.A.A.P for all your help & blessing me with my new car. Thank you for the great customer service, the beautiful dealership (it is gorgeous) you made me feel special that day!

Special Thanks to Melvin & Wade, you guys make a great team & you are the BEST!”

Bob Edwards
Miami, FL


My mother and I have been to nearly every other dealership in a 50 mile radius. We spent no more then 15 minutes at any of them.

When we came upon this dealership I was actually impressed that we were not immediately overwhelmed by employees trying to make a buck. We were give a few minutes to make our way around the lot. Wade had seen us while attending another customer and made his way to as asap. He immediately got to know us. Wade listened to what we had to say and asked questions pertaining to what we told him. He only showed us vehicles that we qualified for, he actually listened. Wade talked to us about the R.A.A.P. program and set us up with Mike.

When Mike entered the picture he explained the R.A.A.P program and how it could help us. We looked at some cars in that range that fit our needs and Mike did what he could to help us out. Mike then Turned us over to Jon for all the legalese and financial paperwork which went super smooth.

Not only was I highly impressed with all employees involved helping my mom and I sort out our Vehicle situation, but when it’s time for me to get my next vehicle I know where to go. I will not buy car from anyone else, nor will I let anyone I know go anywhere else (If I can help it).

Great Team, Great program (Rebuild America Auto Program), Great dealership!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Gentleman.”

Vinnie Agenjo.
Tampa, Fl


Now that my bankruptcy was finalized my family and I went out car shopping. Had no idea how had it is to get an auto loan after a bankruptcy. We visited four dealerships in one day and by the end of the day the only thing we heard was NO! The banks will not help you! You’re to high of a risk! We can’t help! I started to feel like there was no hope. I felt I was going to be forced to go to a Buy Here Pay Here lot. Then I received a letter in the mail from the Rebuild America Auto Program and I thought whats the worse that can happen…They say No! I followed the steps and with in one hour I received a call that would change my life! Mike and John bent over backwards to make sure that I got the right car, the right bank and the right deal that the bank would approve. There were no lies and no games. They showed me the car I qualified for and it was a 2009 Kia Optima! I fell in love with her and within two hours I drove her home! The Rebuild America Auto Program team do amazing things, they allow people to have a second chance in life. I am truly grateful and couldn’t be happier. Thanks to them I can finally start over after my bankruptcy :)

Jason Staurt
Clearwater, FL

“Hey Guys,

Very very happy with the Rebuild America Auto Program, the car I purchased and the friendliness. I had spent the day prior at a dealership who told me nothing but LIES, I called this dealership and everything went so smooth, it was incredible! Glad my bankruptcy is behind me and I have an auto loan!”

Lisa Davis
Los Angeles, CA


Thank you for a great experience! Everyone was wonderful! My husband was very happy with his new truck and we appreciate the work to get us approved after our bankruptcy.”

Paul P.
Dallas, TX