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5 steps to improving your credit score

Declaring bankruptcy is a decision that affects not only current finances, but also overall credit score. It is true that the credit score will decrease after the financial hardship, but there are practical steps a buyer can take to work on rebuilding credit after bankruptcy.  The journey will get a buyer back on a better…

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Documents Required for an Auto Loan

While the Rebuild America Auto Program typically works with borrowers who have damaged credit, we also provide tips and tricks for borrowers with fair to good credit as well. As you review these articles, please be sure to share the information with your friends who have both bad credit and those friends who have good credit….

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Improve Your Bad Credit Rating

Having bad credit will not prevent you from getting an auto loan, despite everything you may have heard, it is just a bit more difficult to get financing sometimes but it is not impossible to get a bad credit auto loan.  The key is not to get caught-up in the hype, and make sure that…

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